Brand new coffee experience at Top of the Town!

We had been thinking about revamping our coffee experience for a while, but like all good things, it took a lot of thinking and planning, research and many cups of coffee (someone has too!), because we wanted to bring the best coffee we could to our costumers here at Top of the Town.

With many different components to consider in making a great brew, we wanted them all to be right. so that meant, brand new state of the art barista machine, fully trained baristas, and a brand new blend of coffee. We tried and tested many, but we decided on Jude’s Estate blend, supplied and founded by local Antrim man. So it was the best of both worlds for us, combining amazing coffee with supporting local!

We’ve had lots of lovely compliments and comments on our new coffee already, and whether you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or you simply like a cuppa Jo with you breakfast, we are pretty confident you won’t be disappointed.

Oh! And possibly the best bit of all! We have (finally) added the Flat white to our coffee selection! We’ve never been known for our coffee… but we are pretty sure that’s about to change!

Antrim coffee Top of the Town restaurant and bar